Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Hi, lovies.

Okay, can you believe it’s already February?!

I mean, seriously. I feel like I’ve barely even digested my Thanksgiving dinner, but hell, here we are. 2017 is really going full steam ahead.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re not only trying to figure out where the heck the last few months have run off to in such a hurry, but your wallet is also still recovering from the frigid sting of the holidays.

Hey, there’s nothing like gift giving, don’t get me wrong. But, ouch.

And, ladies, while I truly hate being the bearer of bad news, I feel it’s only decent of me to remind you that “the holidays” ain’t over just yet.

It’s February remember?

That’s right…Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Twelve days away not counting today to be exact. Not that I wanted to stress you out or anything, but what the French toast have you gotten for bae?!


It’s fine. I mean, you’re cutting it close, but it’s all good.

Trust me, I know it’s stressful. Valentine’s Day shopping has always been a rough one for me too. Every year I find myself wandering aimlessly through the mall praying that the perfect gift for Austin will just miraculously jump out at me.

Personally, I feel like guys have the upper hand when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Like, whip out a big bag of Dove dark chocolates and commit to binging an entire season on Netflix with me and I’m practically in tears.

Honestly, us girls will swoon over anything from a stuffed bear to diamonds. Lucky buggers.

But, guys…what on Earth do we get you?!

Well, ladies, luckily for us, this year I’ve sent for reinforcements. Yep, I’ve recruited Austin himself to help shed some light on a few gizmos and gadgets (that won’t break the bank) our boys might enjoy receiving this V-Day.


Meister Watches

These watches are HOT! They’re unique, sleek, masculine, and amazing quality. What more could a guy want?

I’d trust Austin on this one. He likes to consider himself a true timepiece connoisseur.

Not to mention they have a HUGE Valentine’s Day sale going on right now where you can shop unreal discounts (they even have a His and Her special for select watches). Can’t beat it.

So, what are you waiting for?


The Ridge Wallet

Now, this is a product Austin swears by.

This slim, minimalist wallet is made for guys on the go who ain’t got no time for any extra bulges in their pants, if you know what I mean…

But really, it mind boggles me how Austin is able to fit so much into something so tiny. I don’t get it, but the boys dig it.

Choose from a variety of oh-so manly materials, including aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or polycarbonate, and add this baby to your cart ASAP!


The Art of Shaving

Ugh. I love this place.

Honestly, I’ve purchased so many great gifts for the particularly furry men in my life at The Art of Shaving (Austin clearly being one of them), and they have all gotten hooked on the products.

Austin absolutely loves the “Sandalwood” scented products, but there are a few other awesome scents (and unscented products) for the boys to choose from as well.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’d spring for one of the kits, which range from starter size, mid-size, to full size.

Each kit comes with a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, black genuine badger shaving brush, and an after-shave balm.

But, if you’re not feeling the kits and want to personalize your gift even more, you can customize a set that includes a razor, razor stand, shaving brush, and various other shaving products.

Such a great deal.



Okay, so, even I can attest to the greatness of Yeti products.

Austin and his friends have raved about this brand for a while now, and I just recently jumped on the bandwagon. LOVE!

Yeti coolers, ice chests, buckets, and stainless steel ramblers are not only 100% leak-proof, but they keep your food and drinks cold the entire day (and in some cases even longer).

Last month I purchased a 30 oz. stainless steal tumbler (it’s baby pink and perfect), and I swear my ice does not melt from 7:30am until well after I get home from work that evening. It’s insane. I honestly can’t drink a beverage without this thing anymore. It’s actually becoming a slight problem.

But, enough about me. Back to the boys…

Austin uses his Yeti Hopper (portable cooler) just about every weekend, not to mention his Yeti Colster (basically a stainless steel koozie), which gets a lot of air time as well.

Honestly, I think any Yeti product would be a win for the guys (and even the gals).

And if you want to spice up your Yeti experience with some powder-coated pizazz, check out TREKTumblers as well!


There you have it, babes – a few Valentine’s picks for your man straight from the horse’s mouth. Thanks, Austin, we owe you one.

Now, stop stressing, start online shopping, and have a happy Love Month!

Until next time,



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