Turn Today’s Trends Into a Rockin’ 80s Inspired Costume

Hi, guys!

As you may or may not have seen on Snap and Insta, a few weeks ago I attended an 80’s themed birthday party for Austin’s dad that was, like, totally boss.

Seriously, it was a blast – and a blast from the past.

Everyone really brought their A-game when it came to costumes – I’m talking everything from materialistic Madonnas to Elliott and Gertie from ET. There was some genuine costume committment taking place, and I loved every minute of it.

Now, what you may or may not know about me is that, while I wasn’t even a mere twinkle in my parents’ eyes during this radical decade, I have always had this strange fascination with everythingggg that was the 80s.

Don’t ask me why, but I just can’t get enough (and I just can’t get enough).

Shoulder pads and all, every loud, bitchin’ (and even the not-so-bitchin’) trend of this era has me absolutely fixated, especially (and I’m not necessarily proud of this) glam rock.

Yes, you read that right. Glam rock.

Confessional: There is literally nothing sexier to me than hair metal rockers strutting their leather-clad stuff across a stage, belting out power ballads, and looking obnoxiously better than I ever have/will in a full face of makeup (all hail guyliner).

Real life story, I’m actually becoming more and more convinced every day that I was a ripped -jeans-wearing-entire-can-of-Aquanet-in-my-big-teased-weave hair band groupie in a past life or something, because I would literally do some thangs to Bret Michaels in his heyday if given the opportunity.

Sickening, I know. (But, seriously…Bret, if this post somehow finds you, call me).

And, to make matters even worse, Austin totally supports my glam obsession. He loves the 80s just about as much as I do, and even gifted me tickets to a Def Leppard/Poison concert for my birthday this year. What a guy.

Although, I did have to promise him in advance that I wouldn’t flash any band members in the heat of the moment while living out my groupie fantasies…

Relationships, they’re all about compromise, amirite?!

But, yeah, glam rock. So bad, yet so good. And SO easy to turn into a last-minute costume.

No joke, guys, if you find yourself in need of a costume in the near future, the 80s hair metal rocker look is the way to go.

Why? Because if you’re keeping up with even a fraction of today’s trends, you probably  own most of the essential pieces for this costume already.

I’m not even kidding, this was the simplest costume I’ve ever thrown together, and you can do it too with these 7 trendy items.

1. Shredded Denim

TOP: Bret tearing up my heart in his shredded denim. BOTTOM: Jon Bon Jovi + Danger Danger rocking the ultra distressed look.

+ Get The Trend Today: Carmar Denim

2. Mesh/Fishnet

TOP: Lita Ford slaying the day in her fishnets. BOTTOM: Jon Bon Jovi, Sebastian Bach, + Motley Crue looking fuego in mesh.

+ Get The Trend Today: Missguided

+ Tip: Don’t be afraid to throw some shredded denim jeans over your fishnet tights to add even more detail to your costume.

3. Vintage Band Tee

TOP: Bret sporting his Beatles gear, Slash throwing’ it back with a Led Zeppelin tee, and Axl reppin’…himself.

+ Get The Trend Today: Nordstrom

4. Leather Biker Jacket

TOP: Bret Michaels, Quiet Riot, and Axl Rose rocking the leather biker jacket like it was going out of style…little did they know the trend wasn’t going’ anywhere.

+ Get The Trend Today: ASOS

5. Leather Bootie

TOP: Vintage 80’s leather booties.

+ Get The Trend Today: Nordstrom – Jeffrey Campbell

6. Chokers

TOP: A bit difficult to make out, but female rock groups like Vixen as well as male hair bands like Motley Crue loved themselves a good choker moment.

+ Get The Trend Today: Vanessa Mooney

7. Western/Studded Belts

TOP: Bret working the studded belt while Motley Crue is belted with a western concho flair.

+ Get The Trend Today: boohoo + missguided

Accessorize with loud printed scarves or bandanas, mesh/leather gloves, layered necklaces/bracelets (vintage stores are the way to go), a ring or two here, and some fake tattoos there, and you’ll be rockin’ into the night with the best of ‘em.

Until next time, babes.


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