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Hi, guys!

I know it’s taken me forever, but I’m finally getting around to sharing some of the style details from my trip to Cabo a few weeks ago.




As you might have guessed, the boys’ idea of “prepping” for Cabo meant readying their livers for three days of tequila shots and an overabundance of free cerveza.

My idea of Cabo prep, however, was entirely retail based.

When I think “Cabo style”, I think bardot everything, stripes, white lace, vibrant colors, pom poms, and tassels.

In all honesty, I just wanted to feel like the Cha-Cha dancer emoji in every outfit I purchased, but, realistically, I needed getups that not only gave off the look-at-me-on-my-Mexico-vacay vibe, but that were also going to survive our nights out at the clubs.

I mean, I definitely was not trying to be dressed to the nines at Cabo Wabo or El Squid Roe, let me tell ya.

This wasn’t a classy, mariachi-serenaded, candlelit dinner on the beach with my man every night type of vacay. This was twenty-five twenty-somethings enjoying their last real fling of summer type of vacay.

So, ultimately, the goal here was more like “señiorita-casual”.

As per usual, the first thing I thought about was which bikinis were going to travel with me South of the boarder.

Thank goodness I’m a swimsuit hoarder because I didn’t really have to do much shopping in this department.

I knew we were going to spend some quality time by the pool and in the sand, so, as much as I wanted to bring an all-white number, I just couldn’t risk the stains (those Strawberry margaritas have a tendency to drip).

I did settle on a few of my absolute favorite bikinis, though, from Boys and Arrows & Ola Feroz, which not only fit my mental “Cabo style” checklist requirements, but that were also extremely comfortable and easy to wear all day long.

Day 1 Bikini


Day 2 Bikini

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Ola Feroz “Náufraga” Set in “Granadina” (currently SOLD OUT)

Even though this specific maroon set is currently SOLD OUT (both top and bottom in “Granadina”), there are many more gorgeous color options to choose from if you’re interested in this suit.

Day 3 Bikini


To be completely honest, I was in a bathing suit about 80% of this trip, and didn’t get a chance to wear every outfit I brought, which was actually kind of a bummer since I literally spent weeks scouring my favorite stores and websites hunting for festive finds.

However, I did happen to find a cute white coverup with lace detailing down the center & the perfect beach tote to compliment the all-day-bikini-wearing, which just about made up for it.


(Click on the picture for the tote link).

My favorite pool/beach accessories (which technically weren’t even accessories, but more so essentials), however, were my new Bali Body products.

I wore the “BB Cream SPF15” in shade “Natural” every day to protect my face (while still obtaining that glowy look) and combined both the “Cacao Tanning Oil” and “Watermelon Tanning Oil” for one of the best tans I’ve ever gotten. This stuff is definitely my new go-to for a natural, rich, deep tan.


And, okay, even though only a few of these outfits actually made it out of my suitcase, I want to share them nonetheless.

So, without any further ado, here are my full outfit details (along with some of my favorite accessories and other vacay must-haves).

I pretty much wore this exactly how it is pictured on the model – added a double-buckle belt, a black choker with a silver moon charm, and wore silver/turquoise and tassel bracelets (picture a some like this stacked up both arms).

I actually wore this romper very casually around the resort one day. And, yes, you guessed it, it was just thrown over a bikini. However, I have worn it since the trip and I love it. Typically I skip the belt with this one, but it looks cute either way.

This outfit was the equivalent of my little black dress, which I referred to as my “seniorita in mourning” outfit. Why so morbid? Honestly, I’m not sure because this was definitely my favorite outfit (and the most comfortable) of the trip.

I paired this bardot bodysuit with some basic black denim shorts, a black etched silver double-buckle belt, and an all-black faux suede choker.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

No Rest For Bridget white crochet top

Unfortunately, this top is currently SOLD OUT, and I have yet to find one similar on their site.

However, all of the denim I wore on this trip (shorts + these jeans) was from LF (or, more specifically, Carmar Denim).

Most of my belts are just random finds from here and there, but I’ve come across many similar styles at stores like Luna B, Prism Boutique, and LF.

I found a ton of awesome jewelry for this trip from Luna B and Prism Boutique as well.

And, last but certainly not least, I want to share my absolute favorite find.

These lace-up flat sandals were basically made for Mexico and became my inspo for every outfit I purchased. I pretty much wore these sandals every day because they were just so colorful, fun, and honestly paired well with just about everything I packed. I still wear them all the time, so they’re definitely not just a one-time vacation find.

 Well, that pretty much sums up everything. I hope you guys enjoyed, and I would love to see some of the fun vacation outfits you wore this summer.

Until next time,


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