Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Twelve days away not counting today to be exact. Not that I wanted to stress you out or anything, but what the French toast have you gotten for bae?!

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Visions of Sugar Paper Danced In Their Heads

For all of the procrastinators out there (like me) who waited until the very last minute to wrap their gifts (which you also purchased last-minute, right?), I have a little piece of advice…

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Part 2: Tailgating 101

Okay, so since I’m still basking in the tear-worthy glory of my Trojans “Darnold-ing” their way into the Rose Bowl, or, as I like to call it, “that place the Bruins play except on New Year’s Day,” I thought I’d talk a little tailgating 101 with y’all.

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How To Customize Your Snapchat Code

Have you ever visited someone’s blog, scrolled down to their social media handles, come across a Snapchat code that actually wasn’t a hideous shade of banana yellow, and wondered how the heck they managed to do that?

If so, click here to find out how you can customize your own Snapchat code in only a few minutes!

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Part 1: Scoring the Hottest Collegiate Apparel

Labor Day Weekend is finally upon us, bringing with it the culmination of Summer and the beginning of what is, in my opinion, the absolute best season of the year – FALL!

And Fall = GAME DAYS. Finally!

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