Star-spangled Sangria

Hey, babes.

I hope everyone had a very happy 4th of July weekend! I seriously can’t believe this holiday has already come and gone.

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Personally, I have always felt like the summer just flies by after the 4th, so I’m about to be clinging on to every last tan line and good time for dear life until Fall.

But that’s just me being dramatic (as per usual), so don’t mind me.

Seriously though, the 4th is great. Although, I wish this holiday took some notes from Hanukkah and required at least eight days of celebration.

I mean, really, who isn’t obsessed with getting decked out in their most outrageous American flag attire and cracking open a cold one for Lady Liberty while the fam grills up a fat feast of burgers and dogs?

Count me in.

Well, minus the cracking open a cold one part. Not that I don’t fully partake in a good toast to our freedom, but I’m just not much of a beer drinker these days.

Beer. Blehh.

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I do, however, love a good cocktail – more specifically, a good bubby cocktail.

Pop open the champagne and I’m usually all about it.

One problem, though…the thought of sipping on plain ol’ champagne just wasn’t setting off fireworks for me. I really wanted to spice it up for America, you know? I mean, it was her 241st bday.

So, logically, there was really only one place I could go for some serious cocktail inspo…Pinterest.

How we ever lived without Pinterest is beyond me.

But anyways, my favorite app in all the land didn’t let me down, and lead me to some really great sparkling sangria recipes that I modified here and there to create a fun 4th of July poolside sipper.

+ + +

What you’ll need:

+ 2 bottles of Wilson Creek Almond Sparkling Wine

+ 2 bottles of ANY dry Chardonnay

+ 2 cups of white grape juice

+ Seltzer water

+ 1 6oz package of raspberries

+ 1 cup of strawberries (sliced thin)

+ 1 6oz package of blueberries

1 6oz package of blackberries

+ 2 apples or pears (sliced in thin rounds)

+ Small star shaped cookie cutter

+ + +

This recipe was SO simple and super delish.

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First thing’s first, though. Gotta prep those patriotic apple/pear slices.

Take your sliced apple/pear rounds and use the small star shaped cookie cutter to pop out some seriously festive fruit.

Side note: I did NOT have a cookie cutter and chose to cut out my stars the old fashioned way. Don’t do that. Buy this cookie cutter. Thank me later.

Next, take all of your fruit and put it in your pitcher.

Then, pour your 2 bottles of dry Chardonnay and your 2 cups of white grape juice over the fruit.

Gently stir making sure as much of the fruit as possible is swimming in the mixture, soaking up the flavor.

Cover and refrigerate your happy juice for 1-3 hours.

When ready to serve (preferably in a mason jar, definitely over ice), add in your 2 bottles of bubbly almond-flavored goodness (aka your Wilson Creek Almond Sparkling Wine) and top with a pinch of collagen powder…KIDDING. Don’t. DO top with a splash of seltzer water for some added pop n’ fizzle.

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You can find these fun American flag paper straws here. These are cute too.

+ + +

Three cheers to life, liberty, and the pursuit of festive cocktails!

If you guys have any killer sangria recipes, send them my way. I’m currently addicted.

Until next time.


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