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So, basically, bloat is a bitch.

We all know it, and, quite frankly, I’m feeling EXTRA bloaty this week. Like, someone please for the love of all that is holy take a pin and pop me because I’m. Over. It.

In my book, there is nothing worse than bloat. Whether it’s that time of the month or a weekend’s worth of indulgences catching up to me, all I know is that the sluggish, 6 months prego thang is not my cup of tea.

The extra fluid and gases really weigh me down, and I don’t just mean physically. Yes, my buttons are currently about to burst off my pants, but when I’m bloated I also just feel disgusting all over, which effects me both mentally and emotionally as well.

Who has the time for that sort of BS?

Not me. Not you. No one.

I’ve pretty much made it my own personal mission to conquer this obnoxious balloon effect because I seriously bloat SO bad.

And when I say bad, I mean BAD – like, I can literally gain 10 lbs. in two days type of bad.

True story. It sucks.

Which, I’m sure many of you know all too well and have maybe even struggled with yourselves.

Feeling bloated is one of the bigger confidence busters out there, and aside from the basic tips to combat bloat (like avoiding eating too fast, cutting out as much carbonation as possible, drinking more water, and getting active regularly), I also recommend incorporating a teatox into your wellness routine.

Personally, I’ve relied on teatoxes for years to help tame toxin buildup in my tummy and keep me feeling more like myself during my most vulnerable moments.

I mean, it’s really no shock that detox teas have become a huge trend in the health and wellness sphere lately.

Actually, I feel like I can’t spend more than five minutes on social media these days without running into a tea ad, which I, myself, don’t really mind because I’m obsessed with a good tea cleanse.

Essentially, detox teas contain herbs that nourish your liver and aid in its ability to better flush toxins and other wastes from your body that cause you to feel like a beached whale. They’re meant to help improve your digestive system by keeping shit regular – and, yes, in some cases I do mean that literally. Those toxins need to make their grand exit somehow, people.

Nothin’ like a good flush though…

Anyways, let’s just say I’ve tried my fair share of detox teas, and there’s a few that have actually become regular contenders in my anti-bloat regimen for one reason or another.

However, I’m always on the hunt for new teas. I like to switch it up. Some are great, while others…ehh, not so much. So, to help you on your quest for the perfect teatox, here’s my honest comparison of the last three tea cleanses I’ve tried.

+ Flat Tummy Tea


Flat Tummy Tea, which every celeb and their mother seems to promote, was my first detox tea experience, and it made a lasting impression for sure (I’ve actually purchased it three times now).

You can choose from either the FT TWO detox (two week pack) or the FT FOUR detox (four week pack).

Both options come with two types of tea:

Step 1 “Activate” is meant to be taken first thing in the morning before breakfast. This tea helps to ready your digestive system through its combination of natural ingredients that support your metabolism and fuel your body with energizing antioxidants.
Step 2 “Cleanse” works to detoxify your intestinal tract and reduce excess water weight. When taken before bed, the natural ingredients in this tea help to beat bloat while you sleep and keep that tummy flat and happy.

+ Pros 

This tea REALLY cleans out your system, but in the best way possible.

Okay, if your stomach is more sensitive than most, maybe prepare to frequent the little girls’ room more regularly, but also to feel fucking spectacular.

This detox is safe, gentle, and packed with 100% herbal ingredients.

Plus, you can eat normally and don’t have to go to the gym every single day to see and feel the results.

Let’s just say that I can definitely feel the difference in my body right away when I’m doing this cleanse vs when I run out of it.

Also, the branding and packaging for this product are so on point. Browse their website and socials and tell me you aren’t obsessed.

Finally, I love that these teas come in their own Flat Tummy Tea zip pouch. Super convenient for storage and can double as a travel pouch for whatevaa once you finish the tea. Love. 

+ Cons

 Okay, so this might be just a “me” thing, but I HATE loose-leaf tea.

IDK. Maybe I’m just being lazy AF (probably), but, again, who has the time?

I’m a teabag girl all the way.

Loose-leaf always seems to have a way of escaping my steeper and sometimes leaves me working with more of a floating salad moment than I’d like. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the results of Flat Tummy Tea, but I didn’t sign up for the extra crunch in my cup.

Moral of the story: just be better at loose-leaf than me and you’re golden.

+ FitTea

28_fit_bag_bf28c394-ed5d-4869-9579-3c5768a31830_1024x1024 This teatox is a blend of all natural ingredients that contains organic green tea, oolong wu yi, and garcinia cambogia extract among others.

You can choose from either the 14 Day Detox or the 28 Day Detox.

This brand only comes with one blend so you just drink the same tea both morning and night, which keeps it simple.

Honestly, I have to say, FitTea might be leading the pack over all (well, at this moment) because I just discovered something while scanning their website that sort of made my day, but I’ll get to that right away in the “Pros”.

While FitTea boasts two great detox tea options, that ain’t all this brand offers, which makes it all the more appealing.

Aside from their killer detox tea, FitTea has their own Fit Coffee, FitTea Body Wraps, and diet pills, including Garcinia Cambogia (appetite suppressant), a FitTea Fatburner, a PostNatal Fatburner, Forskolin (metabolism booster), and FitTea CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

CLICK HERE to browse ALL FitTea products +

I’m a true believer in this brand and swear by not only the detox tea, but also their Garcinia Cambogia and FitTea Body Wraps. LOVE them all.

+ Pros

Okay, so as I mentioned, I just came across my new #1 Pro of this detox tea…it now comes in FitTea Stick Packs aka 14 pouches of powder FitTea to go! Convenient AF. imageedit_14_2628034140

All you have to do is add the powder pack to a bottle of water (or glass), shake (or stir thoroughly), and enjoy.

Yaas, Fit Tea.

Obsessed with this option because iced tea over everything, basically.

I’m a real iced tea connoisseur and I prefer not to waste ten minutes waiting for my tea to cool before taking the first sip or burn my taste buds off because I’m too impatient to wait those ten long, grueling minutes.

Now that “skinny feeling” is just a rip, pour, and shake away.

Also, it tastes great. I actually really like the flavor of this tea, which is clearly an added bonus. I’d definitely drink it regularly despite its cleansing attributes, which I can’t say about every detox tea I’ve tried.

And, last but not least…TEA BAGS! Need I say more?

No loose-leaf here. Amen.

+ Cons

Literally the only con I can think of is that there’s no string on the tea bag, which really isn’t even a con at all, so I can get over that because at least it comes in a tea bag.

No complaints here, and that’s saying something coming from me.

+ Skinny 23 Tea


Much like Flat Tummy Tea, the Skinny 23 Teatox is available in both a 14 day and 28 day pack and comes with a “Morning Teatox” that you drink before breakfast and a “Night Cleanse” that you drink before bed.

These gluten free teas are meant to assist weight loss by reducing bloat and burning stored fat along with supporting muscle recovery after exercise. Skinny 23 teas also suppress your appetite, reduce cravings, and aid your digestion. Not to mention these teas improve endurance, blood flow, and circulation.

+ Pros 

Personally, my favorite thing about this cleanse is how friggin’ good both blends taste.

This is my current teatox, and I look forward to drinking it every morning and night because the flavors are great.

The herbal morning blend is lemony, refreshing, and packed with antioxidants. You can even make out the slight hints of anise and fennel, which give it a really unique taste. It’s the perfect jumpstart in the morning, whereas the nighttime blend is a little mintier with hints of ginger, dandelion, peppermint, and red clover.

I’m a sucker for the Night Cleanse. Yum.

Also a “Pro,” there’s currently a 25% off discount code you can apply to your order. Use promo code: SAVE25 at checkout.

+ Cons 

I know the point of detox teas are to cleanse your system, but I feel like this one sometimes has too great of a cleansing effect on my body (if that’s even possible?).

The nighttime tea especially will really have you running to the bathroom, which, hey, I know it’s a detox, but, I mean, I’m literally running to the bathroom. I mean, I like to live dangerously, but not that dangerously.

I guess what I’m trying to say is make sure you’re never too far from a restroom if you’re going to go this route.

Okay, so now on to my biggest struggle with this tea, which actually has nothing to do with the product itself.

Like I said, I’m a huge fan of the tea, but…when exploring the official website, I found it to be a bit questionable to say the least.

I have to be honest, this purchase was a totally non-researched, spontaneous Instagram ad buy because I just needed a new detox tea ASAP.

Had I checked out the website and Insta thoroughly first, though, this purchase probably would not have happened.

Here’s why:

If you click on their “How It Works” page, it is word for word the Flat Tummy Tea “How It Works” page.

Wait, what?

Yeah…red flag alert.

This observation then led me to scope out their Instagram page, which also boasted quite a few “stolen” Photoshopped images from other detox tea sites.

Now, shame on me for not realizing this brand was totally ripping off one of my favorite tried and true brands sooner, but the damage has unfortunately already been done.

I’ll still probably finish my full detox since I spent a decent amount of money on it and I’m already almost done with it, but it’s depressing because I really wanted to like the brand. It had a unique flavor, was all natural, and worked really freaking well. It’s a damn shame.

I mean, if you don’t really care about details like that and are all about the actual product itself, then by all means, go ahead and try it out.

Sadly, I just don’t think I will be repurchasing this brand again.

+ + +

Well, kiddos, that just about does it for this breakdown.

If you have any questions or detox tea recommendations for me PLEASE leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time.


+ + +

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